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   To choose a color that energetically enhances a desire, goal,

    or intention, use this list of chakra colors & attributes:


    First Chakra (reds, russet, browns)  

        If you want:

         to feel  more vibrantly alive & energized

         to feel more grounded & stable

         to gain a sense of balance

         to feel more connected to your heritage or community

         to fully manifest something


    Second Chakra (orange, peach, russet)

        If you want:

         to jump-start your creativity

         to get pregnant

         to attract a lover or enhance your sexuality

         to relish a sense of your own sensuality

         to regenerate yourself in some way

         to feel a sense of zest & enthusiasm


    Third Chakra (gold, yellow, ochre, chamois)

        If you want:

         to stimulate your mental capacities

         to know & feel your own power

         to make decisions more easily

         to feel a renewed self-confidence

         to know who you are & what you stand for

         to improve your self-assertion & boundary setting


    Fourth Chakra (pink, mauve, peach, greens)

        If you want:

         to feel more connected to others & yourself

         to remember compassion for self & others

         to enhance healing of relationships

         to feel a sense of heart & love

         overall healing & balancing


    Fifth Chakra (aqua, teal, blues)

        If you want:

         to listen more deeply to yourself or others

         to empower your self-expression

         to speak your truth & sing your song

         to better embrace life's paradoxes


    Sixth Chakra (deep blues, indigo)

        If you want:

         to cultivate your intuition

         to find the unity in all things

         to see more clearly

         to feel a sense of peace & oneness


    CROWN: Seventh Chakra (purple, lavender, magenta, mauve, whites)

        If you want:

         to enhance your connection to spirit

         to calm your mind & release stress

         to remember your Sacred Self

         to rest in Acceptance & Wholeness

         to transform "stressed" to "blessed"


    You may want to combine the energies/colors of two chakras such as

    the 3rd & 4th, choosing a chartreuse tone to represent "heart power",

    or a rosy brown to ground or manifest your heart energy (1st & 4th).