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Find a color or design that appeals to you or a friend:

  •     make an old outfit feel like new

  •     match or change your mood

  •     satisfy a color longing

  •     boost your energy & self esteem

  •     instantly change or accent your         neutrals

If you've had a color analysis such as "Color Me  Beautiful", you can choose a  color to compliment  your season or your preference for warm or cool tones,  deep or pastel shades.


You may also be drawn to rich, luscious black which enfolds

all the colors.  Black could symbolize one's wholeness & multi-

facetedness.  "I am that and also that . . . I am all things." 

Or perhaps you simply love black!


Remember, each person's energy is unique, so you may be called to a color that speaks specifically to you for a certain chakra or  intention, regardless of those traditionally associated with that chakra.


Honor that intuitive impulse.  Each color is a unique vibration.  

Find the ones that complement or balance you at this time.

Or you may simply be "hungry" for that color, that vibration,

without exactly knowing why.  Trust that & make your own

discoveries.  We are ever-evolving creatures, full of mystery & magic.

Have fun exploring the rainbow of colors!