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The ancient art of Feng Shui is about bringing more balance to our lives, both internally and externally. As within, so without and conversely, affecting changes on the outside can also contribute to changes on the inside. It is like making manifest in the real world our deep desires and intentions we hold within.


Here, we will focus on how to use color to bring more balance to our environment and to create reminders of our goals and growing edges. 


You can do this by wearing the color or by using it in your surroundings.  (see Feng Shui Assessment) to help you decide what area needs attention.




Then, align the colored Bagua to the house, room, office or garden that you want to imbue with your intentions. Align the wall with the door, along the lower three sections (the white, black & grey areas). If the entrance is in the center, it will be in the black area; if on the right, in the grey,

or if on the left, in the white.


Now you can see where the other

areas of the Bagua fall in that room

or space.


Then, if you want, for instance,

to energize your area of Recognition, choose a red color to wear and/or to decorate in that section of the room.



You can also energize the section directly before the one you are attending to, as it is the "mother" of the one after it.  For example, Wood (green) feeds Fire (red).


Here are two other examples of how to use the colors

in your home:


   Relationship Area -- pinks              Abundance Area -- green,  purple




Reflect on whether your color choices in your clothing and home reflect an intuitive re-balancing of your elements, or if they mirror the current imbalance. Then you can make a conscious choice to add something new if needed.


If you are not comfortable wearing certain colors, or can't find the best shade for you, then using those colors in your home -- or just a touch of it in a scarf or a hat -- is an excellent remedy.  Just living with that color in some way will help create the needed vibrational balance.


That is part of the joy I have experienced in working with all these colors myself -- many of which I cannot wear.  Just as we need to eat foods of many different colors, we also need to live with the various vibrations of the rainbow.  So, open up your color horizons & take delight in them.