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Take this quiz to help you determine which colors

can complement and enhance your current goals and growing edges.


Black - Water element - (Career, Life Path)

-- Do you need more opportunities in your life, or a new path?

-- Do you feel energized in your work life?

-- Are you on your personal path in life

-- Are you aligned with your long-term goals and vision?


Blue - Earth element - (Knowledge, Skills, Spiritual development)

-- Do you need more time or space for self-development or spiritual practice?

-- Are too many demands being placed on you?

-- Do you want to study something or complete a degree?

-- Are you too distracted to pursue your interests?

-- Do you need inspiration or motivation?


Green - Wood element - (Family, Community, Roots)

-- How is your relationship to your parents?

-- Do you have a sense of rootedness & stability?

-- Are you in touch with your tribe (family, friends, community)?

-- Do you want to contribute more to your world?


Purple - Wood element - (Abundance, Empowerment, Prosperity)

-- Do you need more money?

-- Do you have a sense of abundance, of gratefulness?

-- Do you need more awareness of your inner gifts & riches?

-- Do you feel confidence in your abilities?


Red - Fire element - (Recognition, Fame, Passion)

-- Do you want to be better known?

-- Do you want to be recognized for your gifts, skills, contribution?

-- Do you want to be seen in a new way?

-- Are you in touch with your passion?


Pink - Earth element - (Relationship, Committment, Love)

-- Does your marriage or relationship need more juice?

-- Are you looking for a partner?

-- Are you working on your primary relationship?

-- Are you feeling lonely or isolated?


White - Metal element - (Creativity, Children, Projects)

-- Are you facing a challenge with your children?

-- Do you want to be more creative?

-- Does a project need more attention or inspiration?

-- Does your inner child need more playtime?

-- Do you want a more fun, active social life?


Grey - Metal element - (Helpful People, Guidance, Travel)

-- Are you ready for a teacher, a mentor, a guide?

-- Do you need more clients, friends, or helpers in some way?

-- Is communication a big issue for you?

-- Do you need more support or connection?


Yellow - CENTER - Earth - (Wellbeing, Health, Unity, Balance)

-- Are you facing a health crisis?

-- Do you feel out of balance or off center?

-- Do you need emotional healing?

-- Do you want more vitality & aliveness?



Note that the single colors above are used for easy identification.

Each really represents a range of tones, as follows:

Black - deep blue, indigo

Blue - teal, aqua

Green - dark green, sage, olive

Purple - violet, lilac or light green

Red - from scarlet to burgundy

Pink - peach, coral, rosy mauves

White - silver, light grey, cream

Grey - metallics, copper, gold

Yellow - orange, russet, browns, ochres

Also, all three of the Earth sections can be accented with earth tones,

including beige, taupes and tans.