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    Chenille Shawl   (75% rayon, 25% acrylic)   --  $45 


            18" x 72" -- available in Wheat.  (colors sold out: Black, Mauve, Amethyst, Russet, Indigo) 

             25" x 76" -- available in Russet.  (colors sold out: Soft Beige, Lilac, Citrine) 

    Silk Velvet Shawl  --  $45


             15" x 72" -- available in Teal, Aqua, Rose, Wine, Periwinkle, Forest, Lilac, Peach,

                                       Persimmon, Russet, and Black.  (colors sold out:  Magenta, Pink) 


              15" x 72" -- Devoré pattern  -- available in Teal, Aqua, Rose, Wine, Violet,

                                          and Mauve.   (colors sold out:  Indigo) 



     Colors are added regularly.  Please contact me to inquire, or to order.