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    These scarves, shawls, hats, & wraps can be enjoyed just as they are,

    AND they can also contribute to lifting our spirits, balancing

    our energy, and helping to create harmony in our surroundings.

  •     For a discussion of choosing colors, see the Choosing Colors page.

  •     To see how color and fabric can enhance our self-image, see Self-Image.

  •     Association of color with the chakras is considered in Chakra Assessment.

  •     To show how the different colors can be used in Feng Shui, see Feng Shui & Color.

  •     Attributes of Feng Shui colors are presented as a quiz in Feng Shui Assessment

    These are just a few of many ways to enjoy these creations, and to use them for

     improving happiness and well-being. It is my wish that you enjoy wearing them

     and using them as much as I have in making them.


    Let the vibration of the color nourish your intentions.


    Let your eyes delight in the beauty and remind you of your wishes.